Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm working on a little side project, which I'd like to finish as an animatic. 'Tis the tale of the K-naut! Initially, I want him to look like a little space man:

But in a reveal, is actually a koala inside:

He's lost a bit of weight to get in that suit ;) And finally a quick profile:

So hopefully I shall next storyboard a little sequence, and then make an animatic of it. And maybe I'll put up some of the sketches for this soon too :)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forest walk


Another quick environment piece: the 2 last wanderers, following the path that many others have walked before them, in search of other people.

I just finished playing Uncharted 2, and absolutely loved it! I almost feel that the main character of the game was the environment. There was always something unexpected happening, whether it was a ledge collapsing under your feet, or a building falling down! And am extremely happy Nathan got with the *right* girl at the end :D Had been slightly worried when they started releasing early info..
I played some multiplayer for it as well, (first time ever on a console for me), and I was actually WINNING matches! The Crytek multiplayer matches have obviously honed my skills ;D


Sunday, October 11, 2009



Felt like doing an environment piece! Has been awhile doing a sole landscape (when not inside a storyboard), so here it is. Am a little rusty, hopefully shall do some more and get better!

A man and his fluff on an EPIC journey to a hut!! Speaking of fluffs, our new kittens are doing well, though so flippin hyper. Have had no sleep. Am so tired. They're great though :)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

New fluffs

An exciting weekend! We have 2 new additions to the apartment, Curry and Reis! Both longhair kittens, and both pretty crazy O_O I did a pic of Curry late last night, seen here:

And a real life photo of 'em both here:

I'll be putting up a new Red Snow picture soon, waiting for the website to update first :)