Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random fluff

Hi hi! Just felt like doing something totally different one evening. The cat on the left is what happens when I don't have an art director (jokes!):

I finished Torchlight, the sequel is out in under half an hour (midnight west coast time). I was planning on staying awake for an hour and playing...we shall see!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Wind Waker fan art

Hiya! Here's a pic I entered for CG Hub's Zelda competition - to take one of the characters from the universe and change it. One of my faves was Makar from The Wind Waker, such a little cutie ;D I thought I would make him much older and wiser (his leaf is now an autumn colour), and he's become more like a rock as he's aged.

Playing through Torchlight, very excited for the sequel coming out this week!!  Soon Resident Evil 6, yay! Not to mention pumpkin spice lattes are now at this time of year :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Skulls, waterfalls and cat soldiers!

Ullo! More pics for thee! What was a sketch became this below! Story goes...
All would be warriors must reach the skull waterfalls, and have a 24 hour staring contest. Only then will you be considered a warrior...grade b!

I also drew a cat warrior last weekend and totally forgot to put him on here! It's not a furrie, *sob*, it's not!

Played and finished The Walking Dead ep 3, gawd this series is great! Soooo tense! Warning: do not play this game and eat ice cream at the same time, it just does not work... 
Am staring at my game pile, not sure what to pick up next...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bilbo's feet, a troll key, and more Zombini backgrounds!

Ullo again! So I discovered another pic is in the new The Hobbit box set :) Underneath are the actual cards as they appear in the set, heheh. So ooooh yeah, Bilbo's feet and a Troll key, here ya go :P

I also realised I still had some more backgrounds to post from East Side Games :)  Land, water, air!

So now all my wisdom teeth are gone. I may be less wise from now on :( I was hoping to play games, but these pills are pretty strong! Zzzz.