Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big load of art!

Oh oh! I have not updated here in  a decade it seems! I kinda moved on to tumblr I'm afraid....

Still! Here are some nasty old bug concepts I did!

Been reading a lot of the original Dragonball, so was inspired to do  a Goku pic!

And of course Pokemon X and Y came out, so I drew my fave starter, Squirtle!

Aaaaaand I've been playing GTAV, and somehow the horrible Trevor turned out to be my fave character :P

Just one of those aimless Sunday afternoon drawings - Agent Tricspaceatops!

Image drawn for an amazing Kickstarter called Emerald, that was funded :)

Another sketch speedy!

And 2 images based on the Kickstarter The long Dark, which has an amazing art style :)

Whew think that's it for now! Please do watch my Tumblr, I tend to update that far more regularly :)