Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pet bot, John, and Crysis 2!

Ullo! Trying to fit in some sketches before the christmas break! This here is a cat taking her robotic pet for a walk (I don't think she has many real friends). It was originally a boy holding it, but I didn't like how he was progressing.

Next was a lunch sketch of a mate of mine, John :) (I'd been browsing the Facebook).

And fiiiiiinally, here's one of the new Crysis 2 screenshots released! I designed the initial sketches and composition. Hopefully I'll get to post more in the next few months :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Line art and Warface!

Hiya! Busy times, hope everyone's enjoying the christmas build up :) I can't seem to find time to sit down and actually do a 'full' pic, so here are some line drawings.
This was a lunchtime drawings, of an English snake chav.

Still feeling christmassy, I drew this mutated Santa. After starting to colour it though, I realised it was a bit harsh, and felt sorry for Santa. (There may or may not be body parts in the bag).

Here's part of the colouring I did, and then stopped when I realised I was never going to finish it ;)

In other news: Here's Crytek's new game, Warface, which will be a free to play online FPS :) Asian market only for now, but here's hoping! I did some work on it, which maybe one day I can show.

Am working hard to finish Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood before returning to England, and am still battling with Dragon Quest IX (...level 38).

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday lunchish sketch

A 20 minute sketch at lunch followed with some extra effort after work. Don't think I'll do anymore to this, was just messing around really :) The story to this is some guy was wandering through a cave when he stumbled upon some huge monster also off on a wander. Both figures are surprised!

Here's how the image started off (threw together some textures from my old demon gate pic):

In other news, I got my T Rex tattoo on the weekend!! Here is is, lovingly shot from the lovingly pretentious Hipstamatic app ;D
I think that's it now....for life...though a Diplodocus idea has been planted...


Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas 2010 card plus a tattoo!

Bad me, not been updating enough. Tis the season to be busy! So, here is my 2010 christmas card! A fluff, drinking mulled wine, gluhwein, glogg, etc. *EDIT* I forgot the combined version I did with Asti! This will be amended on Monday when I'm back at work!!

Wanna know how this pic began? Here! It is a mystery:

And here is the original rough version of the card, which I scrapped as I just wasn't feeling it. :/

In other news, I got a tattoo! It's of my fave dinosaur, a Triceratops :) I plan on getting a T Rex next AND THAT'S IT.

Cheers all!