Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zombinis backgrounds!

Ullo! Sorry for the lack of updates, but my excuse is the new job and freelancing :) I thought I'd start posting some of the work I did at my previous studio, the wonderful East Side Games! There's quite a bit, so I shall spread it out over the next week or so (to look like I am a good blogger, ahem!). 

These are some of the backgrounds for the Facebook (and Google +) game Zombinis! We wanted to mix and match backgrounds to appear like there were many more, so I divided them into separate components as ya can see below. I was tearing through about 1 and a half a day, whilst unknowingly suffering with pneumonia, great times hahah ;D So here are 3, and I will post more in the upcoming days!


Here also was one of the viral feed images, drawn by art director Kyle McQueen, and coloured by me :)

Outside of work, I've been playing The Walking Dead, now on episode 2! Woah are these games tense, and I feel like I make all the WRONG decisions! No one is ever happy...(and not just cos of the zombies!). I've also been reading through the manga, Vagabond, which is brilliant, though is it kinda sad that when I think of Musashi and Kojiro, I think of Pokemon (that being Jesse and James' names in the Japanese version)? :s