Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More LOTR cards out!

Ullo! I didn't realize it, but 2 more LOTR cards I drew from last year are available (from The Watcher in the Water pack) :) The first, the Grave Cairn, was the very first image I ever drew for Fantasy Flight games. I actually always preferred the rough underneath, heh.

This image was very last minute (I was about to fly back to ye olde England) and so not a fave of mine, but whacha gonna do.

I am playing through Diablo 3, female monk class :) Excellent boss fights, love to loot, just wondering what class to play on my second play through...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cave drinks

Ullo! Sorry for the lack of updates, have been freelancing. These pics here are just me messing around drawing in Flash, trying to work with vectors. Underneath is the rough, and another play with Flash.
The weary traveler stops a a nearby cave for a drink, unaware at how potent and deadly the drinks can be to humans...


Other than that, I am patiently waiting to play Diablo 3, what with the servers down. This is sooo frustrating!! My monk is waiting! I'm truds#1313 if anyone would like to (hopefully one day!) play ;D
Oh and The Avengers was brilliant!