Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crysis 3 concepts

Hi all :) Here's a blast from the past! I left Crytek back in 2011 to move to Canada, and the last project I worked on there was the start of Crysis 3, which just came out today :) So have a peak at some of the (old!!) work I did there! Some heavy multi-legged aliens mechs:

Overgrown Heavy from C2 :)

There had been an idea of a possible ghost alien:

More overgrown city:

Possible underwater aliens that could also walk on land:

Few more overgrown mechs :)

All old work, but ya know, why not :) Doing a lot of freelance at the mo, but I managed to complete Devil May Cry! Suuuuch  a good game, what a great end battle.
Bai for now!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Avatar concept thumbnails!

Hi hi! The company where I work, DeNA Studios Canada, recently released a new game on Android called The Powerful: NYC, which I worked on. I did over paints, tiles, objects, and here are some of the rough concepts for the player avatars (along with initial evolutions). :) Well done to all involved!

Still playing Devil May Cry, and also check out Dragon Up from my previous studio, East Side Games; the art and animation is gorgeous :D

Monday, February 11, 2013

Warrior Pomeranian

Hiya! My work (DeNA) moved to a new building in Downtown Vancouver, and I keep seeing pomeranian dogs *everywhere*! They're pretty cute, and got me inspired :) Warrior Pomeranian, seeks to rescue his friend, Pomeranian, so they can still go for afternoon tea.

Finished Far Cry 3  - loved the first bad guy, he was totally insane :D I started on Resident Evil 6, and being a long time fan, was severely disappointed with it. It was all quick time events! I should have known after hearing all the reviews, but refused to listen... So I went out and bought Devil May Cry! Really feels like any of the others, am happily surprised, and love all the weapon swapping using the shoulder buttons...
Enough! Off for cake :D