Thursday, July 16, 2009

Running with a scientist


New pics! First are some thumbnail running cycles of the 2 monsters I did in my last post:

I love studying running cycles, though could never be an animator :) And next is the wary scientist. He's got to study something he realllly doesn't want to get up close with:

I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night (was wearing my Slytherin scarf despite the heat :D). I really enjoyed the film, though as always, wished there was more Snape screen time ;) Gets me in the mood for some fanart...



  1. you know eric desideriu? he would say "sehr geil" about your stuff ;-)

  2. Eric D was my mentor :) Heheh I heard the English version, which would be "cool!" ;D

  3. ah okay XD
    hey i might get the chance to visit crytek, erik staub is trying to organize it, i hope i can meet you and your sister then :D

  4. Oooh cool, coming for a tour? :)

  5. yep, as I want to work at Crytek after I graduated, it's exciting as hell for me to see how the studio looks like inside :0

    I will take my portfolio with me and show some screenshots of my current schoolproject which is based on the cryengine 8D (i love that smiley hehe)

  6. really cool stuff here :D
    i didnt know crytek had storyboard artists, that's sweet.
    keep it up

  7. John - When do you graduate? Maybe it's different in Germany, but I graduated when I was 23 ;D....or was it 22?

    Gabriele - Thanks! I would go into detail of what I storyboard, as it's not always what you'd imagine, but don't think I can :s

  8. I'll graduate summer 2010, I'll be 20 by then!

  9. You put some excellent character into the scientist. You can totally tell from his body language that he's off to do something gross, and the awesome suit just isn't enough to make it better. The running cycles are also very cool, in that although they have the same essential movement you can see the weight of the second one, the way it's so much heavier and more powerful. Awesome :)

  10. Well I can kinda guess what you do.
    I'm pretty new to this story thing, I started loving storyboards and story guys as I came to Pixar. It's such a great job :O

  11. Thanks for the feedback guys (and gals!)

    Carneliana - I think I could still make the bigger beast make a more lumbering run, but thank you :)

    Boris - Vielen dank!

    Gabriele - Bet you must love it at Pixar :) I'd say they're the masters of storyboarding/storytelling :)