Monday, November 16, 2009

Pet Bot

This here is K Naut's pet bot. It's used for scanning environments, and accessing areas that K Naut sometimes cannot reach. I'm thinking it was made from scrap pieces K Naut found on his travels to different planets, so looks a little cobbled together.

I'm playing through Dragon Age: Origins at the moment; I'm a male elf, and I plan on sleeping with everyone ;D It's not bad, but really it's Mass Effect 2 I want!



  1. Oh, this is pet bot? When he's half a meter, then ok:)
    Nice work

  2. Really cool Trudi, I always love the idea of a pet thats massive compared to its master - reminds me of Dog from Halflife2 :)

  3. Aw, this is great. I love the way it's just vaguely reminiscent of a kangaroo, and the weirdness of the design without arms. Scifi Australiana: GENIUS. I am completely taken with the world of K-Naut, please keep going with it! :D Next stop, wombats???

  4. Thanks for the comments! Yeah a few people have aid this is like Dog, which is a good comparison :) Dog better NEVER die.
    Heheh a kangaroo! Well I was in Australia a few months ago...I was actually thinking of doing a kiwi next, though of course they'd be rivals...