Monday, January 25, 2010

K Naut boards (and a happy new year!)

Hi all! Happy new year (ok, it's a little late!).
I've been working on some storyboards (colour this time!). There are 2 separate fight scenes, as well as the arrival and epilogue. I would like to do an animatic of it, if I have time...

Here, K Naut arrives to the planet, landing his ship with a BANG!

K Naut is attacked by a native!

2nd fight scene (I'd say there'd be more of a fight inbetween). K Naut gets what H wants and escapes!

K Naut reveals his true self!

I've also been doing some life drawing (no naked people, alas!), which I will upload in a future update :) I plan on filling a sketchbook of it, a page a day at least! Is just of local places and apartments ;)

Ta ta!


  1. good to see some new stuff - you can't lose when you're dealing with space koalas!

  2. Thanks :D Yeah space koalas are pretty tough guys, also know for their sharp intellect ahem!