Friday, February 12, 2010

First person life drawing sketches

Just some rough life drawing pics drawn in the past weekend or so here in Frankfurt. No idea why, but I have a weird fascination of drawing my trousers and feet. Same with taking photos! It's like I want to give you the impression this is exactly what I'm seeing.

Am playing through Assassin's Creed 2 still, though Bioshock 2 is winking at me alot :D Anxiously awaiting Mass Effect 2 in the post...what's with all the sequels? Love it!
Proper update soon, new boards!


  1. games games games. bioshock 2 = story game perfeeeected. i didn't even unwrap my assssscreed2 yet :/ mass effect 2 needs playing through now

    hmm i really should make my name less cryptic. guess who!?!

  2. pretty impressive sketches..!! keep drawing...:)

  3. i love stuff like this - feck wacom, sometimes all you need is a biro!

  4. Thanks! I do not know who this Dr Bob Hoskins is though...! Please enlighten me ;D

    Agreed! I love biro as there's no undo :D

  5. Lifedrawings! I really like the thing with the feet, ads narrative somehow:P keep posting :D

  6. These feet are on a journey! Ok will do :D