Friday, April 9, 2010

More environments

Still on my quest to do better environments :) Gotta keep going with this, although definetely in the mood for some more monster drawings! First pic is from inside K Naut's ship. These I think might be the holding cells for any prisoners.

Next is a quickish afternoon pic. Just some dragons flying off for colder weather (getting too warm!):

Other than that, I'm still on my journey through Final Fantasy XIII. Finally made it to Gran Pulse...and haven't touched it for a week :s Gah!! Must finish though.

In other news, the game I've been working on has a nice new trailer out!! Finally a glimpse of the aliens!

Woo hoo! Can't wait for people to finally play this!


  1. the environments are pretty good, nice lighting. but I love your creature thingies!
    and the trailer is rocking btw

  2. Really like the coastline image Trudi!
    That Crysis trailers not bad either ;P

  3. Thanks guys :) (And yep, I plan more monsters hehe).

  4. nice environments!
    you can get even more out of the first one:
    the lights illuminate the shadows of the conduits from the side. therefore your shadows will get a more interesting shape :D
    something like this /V\
    I hope you know what I mean...

    and btw the trailer rocks!!!

  5. WOW lots of stuff here Truds. You are doing a great job on the environments keep at it. love the latest piece good work with the lights and colors temps. nice mood as well! Thanks for the vids too always a plesure. keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks John! Good suggestions! I was actually thinking of doing a version with one of the cell doors open. Would be a whole new light source :)

    Thanks too Dennis, though you are the king ;)