Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another environment!

Hey all!
My quest for better environments continues! This here is something I would never usually draw, but is also the sort of thing an art director will ask for ;) (As mine did, as a free time task!). Definetely more work to be done, but it's definetely a start!

And the thumbs for your viewing pleasure ;)

NEXT: vehicles! ;D Any suggestions?


  1. hohoho great update truds! Nice work with the landscapes love the snowrock piece. Dino man he is awesome love the design and the whole idea.

    Nice environment piece, really like how the final result turned out. this is what i call thumbnails, storyboards skills definitely shines through

  2. Thanks very much Dennis :) Ha yeah the thumbnails was the stage I was most comfortable with!

  3. woah this looks so damn good it wants me to make also some enviroments right now!