Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Skull entrance - the happiest place on Earth!

Hi all! In an updating mood :) First pic was done in just over 45 minutes, playing around with shapes really.

The second image is a wanderer in a slightly ominous room. Am undecided - which is better, the darker or lighter?

Have had a splitting headache/migraine for 3 days straight, yet somehow it's prompted me to do more free time drawings. It makes no sense!!


  1. I'd try something in the middle, but closer to the lighter one.


  2. Hah that was totally my inspiration :)Tom Scoles is amaaaazing

  3. Well, everyone is inspired by someone ;)

    I love 'em both Truds - I think the brighter image of the cave is best, just looks more intense. :) And the creepy green pic is great too, quite nightmarish. Am scared by anything without eyes ;p