Friday, October 8, 2010

The Real Totoro

Was thinking of My Neighbour Totoro the other day, and felt the need to draw some fanart. Here is the result!

Old classic stories were actually pretty nasty, so I thought I'd add that twist to this lovely film ;D
The other pic is an extra addition to the one 2 updates below. It was pointed out by a co-worker that there's no focus, so here it is now (looks like Blanka).

Other than that, I finished Halo Reach! Quite a sad ending, and *SPOILERSSSS* the final shot of the actual Halo brought a tear to my eye! Makes me want to play the first game all over again... Next up is Dark Void!


  1. This is awesome! really taken by all the updates you are really productive truds! great stuff! the skull envi piece is FRuuccking awesome love the mood on that one, both! Dense city that is art for a movie I meen thats a shot now animate it ok! good! deal! Totoro turned out really good, like the palette good control as well. wanna see more of these or everything. keep up the good work. you're there

  2. Oh my GOOOD Totooorrooo,I knew is something dark lurking inside you!!!Trudi thanks for show it to the world!!!

  3. Thanks a lot Dennis :) Sitting by you and Viktor has been really inspiring! So I'm going to have to come stalk you guys downstairs now, hahah :P
    Dan! You have a new blog! Ok I updated the link to the right :) Thanks :D I feel a bit guilty doing this to Totoro, I wanna rewatch the film now heheh.

  4. Haha... the real totoro go biting kids...:)

  5. Oh my gosh! That is a FANTASTIC interpretation of Totoro. I would imagine that's how the twist would have been if it had been one of those crazy fairy tales. You are such a talented artist!!!

  6. Thank you very much :) Yeah this is like a true fairy tale, I think, heheh.