Tuesday, November 9, 2010


After having my first ever try out of Alchemy (yes I am slow/get with the times/etc etc), it made me wanna do some facial studies. I def wanna do a series of them so first off is the usual, glum, pouty image which was done in about 45 minutes:

Followed by my first ever Alchemy pics! Can you tell which one I enjoyed the most? :P

Bai for now (still level 23 in Dragon Quest IX)!


  1. Its nice seeing you experimenting and having fun trying out different ways of painting and establishing idees. Great stuff Truds

  2. Thanks Dennis, yeah there's been a lot of exprimentation as of late! Alchemy is reallly great for laying down the basics I find, it's like I'm willing to take more risks in it for some reason.