Monday, July 11, 2011

Halo and LOTR, together at last!

Ullo all! Wow, been a bit of awhile since my last update! Life has been kinda hectic since the big old move to Canada. I got to do some work on Halo Anniversary, which I'm super excited about, as I'm a HUGE Halo fan :D Look for it in stores in November *plug plug*. I also have done some artwork for Fantasy Flight Games for the Lord of the Rings card game. Hopefully I can show this artwork at some stage, as I'm quite proud of it :)

For now, here are my guardians of the cliff:

And a random Roman soldier :)

I was rather gutted at the Green Lantern movie, I had such high hopes! I actually felt myself cringing at points, no good :/ But this week it's the last Harry Potter movie! Will go along with my Slytherin scarf on despite the heat, cannot wait!


  1. excellent work on the rocks Trudi - you're kicking ass :D

  2. Yup, nice piece.I like the rocks, the background trees, in fact the entire composition.

  3. first congrats second congrats again, awesome piece Truds, the rocky cliffs looks nicely done, i like that cool bluish gives a nice contrast to the warm top. big ups keep rocking it.

  4. Cheers Dennis!! Nice to hear from ya. This was originally a much colder pic, but felt it needed a contrast, so is cool you picked up on that :)

  5. glad to hear things are going well - looking forward to more art!

  6. Thanks Aidan :) Hope you're all doing well too!