Monday, September 3, 2012

Bilbo's feet, a troll key, and more Zombini backgrounds!

Ullo again! So I discovered another pic is in the new The Hobbit box set :) Underneath are the actual cards as they appear in the set, heheh. So ooooh yeah, Bilbo's feet and a Troll key, here ya go :P

I also realised I still had some more backgrounds to post from East Side Games :)  Land, water, air!

So now all my wisdom teeth are gone. I may be less wise from now on :( I was hoping to play games, but these pills are pretty strong! Zzzz.


  1. Thanks Trudi! I especially like the wild country picture. It looks friendly enough but starting to get wilder... Bilbo's got to grow up someday!

  2. Cheers! They were all great fun to draw :)