Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crysis 3 concepts

Hi all :) Here's a blast from the past! I left Crytek back in 2011 to move to Canada, and the last project I worked on there was the start of Crysis 3, which just came out today :) So have a peak at some of the (old!!) work I did there! Some heavy multi-legged aliens mechs:

Overgrown Heavy from C2 :)

There had been an idea of a possible ghost alien:

More overgrown city:

Possible underwater aliens that could also walk on land:

Few more overgrown mechs :)

All old work, but ya know, why not :) Doing a lot of freelance at the mo, but I managed to complete Devil May Cry! Suuuuch  a good game, what a great end battle.
Bai for now!

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