Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Ullo! This week’s work sketch challenge was to draw something from your childhood that scared you: for me, Medusa! I was a huge fan of the movie Clash of the Titans, and by far my fave/scariest scene was with Medusa. So here she is, using those eyes!

 Also, was my and my friend Jenn’s one year anniversary at DeNA, and we drew each other pics for the day! I should have stated in this pic work anniversary, hahah, sounds like we’re a couple!!

Playing more of Animal Crossing and Last of Us, both such  amazing games and so completely different from one another in look and tone and just about everything, hahah :D


  1. might be a bit late to the party, but really enjoying your stylisation - very very nice.

  2. Cheers Aidan! Am trying out new styles, never wanna be doing the same old stuff I guess :)