Thursday, August 15, 2013

Art dump - UDON art and cartoony bits and pieces!

Ullo An art dump approaches, hold on tight! First up, a quick sketch of rainbow lion sitting moodily (it's his thing!):

Moody worker at the cafe watches on, critical of his co-workers (but secretly proud!):

This guy likes to seat people by the fireplace, no matter the season or weather  Hot outside? He'll sit you by a lovely toasty fireplace. 

The chef makes great food, but spills half of it before it ever leaves the kitchen! 

Delivery service for the restaurant/cafe! There is a 50% chance your food will arrive half eaten or not at all - he gets pretty hungry on the journey… 

Stranglethorn Vale from World of Warcraft, featured in the UDON World of Warcraft Tribute art book, woo hoo!

Copyright Blizzard Entertainment 2013. 

So not a ton of gaming other than Animal Crossing. It's summer! And just as I type this, it starts raining...
Bai for now!

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