Monday, March 1, 2010

more stuff

Another new pic in my monster scribble series :) This here's a more fluffy one:

And my 3rd ZBrush piece, based on one of the previous scribble monsters in 2 posts below ( It was my first time using Zspheres and creating my own textures from Photoshop :) All a learning experience!

Hahah it looks well dodgy now! It didn't seem that bad from the drawing...Obviously would have to change it in some way, add more tentacles down below...! So yeah, cool stuff, hope I'm improving!


  1. You should really try and enter the Creature planet activity on Cghub, think it would fit nicely with all your creature stuff truds.

    Zbrush is coming along nicely, i love it for fleshing out quick shapes and poses....but i don't use it for extensive rendering, still wanna paint a little :P

  2. Hey Jesper that link is great! It's already got me thinking on stuff I could do!! Thanks :D

    Yeah it's also a nice light and shadow reference for me :) Course you're the master of Sketchup ;D

  3. Haha - yeah i'm gonna enter too....just don't watch avatar again before entering, that shit will give you funky ideas XD

  4. Multi-limbed beasties ;D Actually I only ever saw it once...!

  5. you two make me feel lazy! K NAUT!!!! he still out there killing those epic creature, stand up applause and bows. i was planing on making quick sketch of K Naut, hmmmm this one is hard take! very nice speed painting love the motion of action and the dramatic colour pallet with it, composition as well is spot on! good job keep at it.

    inspiering to see you made a zbrush model of the earlier sketch you made, nice work! keep experimenting and have fun.

  6. Hah thanks Dennis :D Yeah but when you post a pic it's like a masterpiece!
    Yep it didn't turn out totally accurate, but I did better than i thought I would hahah!