Thursday, March 18, 2010

Speedy and life drawings

A speedy testing out some of co-worker Maciej's new brushes :) A guy and his dog walking across a dry riverbed. Ignore the town!

2 more first person life drawings - the 1st drawn on an ICE train here in Deutschland, the 2nd in a kitchen!

In gaming news, I finished Mass Effect 2! Mordin died, NO IDEA how, but offscreen, no doubt in an undignified manner :( I felt gutted. Might just replay that whole scene (I of course made an alternate save before the whole end sequence!). Ahem, and I slept with Tali, as she'd made it that far with me, and stuck by me :)
Now onto Final Fantasy XIII, which at the moment pales in comparison to the mighty ME2. Auto battle? Only control 1 team mate? Using potions doesn't take a turn?? *Scoff* Final Fantasy for 5 year olds :(
Despite all this negativity, I am of course going to play it to death.

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