Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beserk Electricity Generating Centaur!

This here is my entry for the CG Hub Creature Planets 'Berserk Electricity Generating Centaur' (!) contest. Only had a day to do, as I didn't realise the deadline was so close. Was a great practice though, shall try and do more of them!
For the creature, I imagine that it actually gathers in electricity through its weapons as it prepares to attack. This poor little guy at the front really doesn't stand a chance ;)



  1. I really like that one! Good Design, great colors and overall it radiates a great atmosphere.
    I think this is my favorite painting of yours.

    You'll probably have good chances to win!
    Good luck :D

  2. Wow thanks very much :) This drawing jam was a lot of fun, you should join the next! When I know I'm having to show my work alongside others, I suddenly work a lot harder, so I think I should keep doing this ;)

  3. hey i just randomly stumbled on your blog^^ and saw your entry for the CgHub challenge. Too bad we didnt get so much votes. Are you going to participate on the next one?

  4. Ullo :) Oh for sure, it was a great exercise, made me actually work on a background properly! You should too!

  5. I like your work very much. Keep on posting!