Friday, May 21, 2010

The Cave of Eyes

The blog title speaks for itself ;D Lunchtime speedy worked on a tiny bit more after work.

I've started on God of War 3
now; it's pretty violent, ay? Great fun :) The in game camera seems to have a life of its own, its own cinematic flair, as it creeps up behind you, then zooms out to show you some cool sight. And arghhhh last ever Lost this Sunday!!! I used to joke I couldn't die before Lost finished - does that mean I can on Monday? :S


  1. Nice! I like the line sketch even more I guess.

  2. Mmh I enjoy the red and blue tones in the colored version, too;)

  3. i also somehow prefer the sketch but they are both awesome

  4. Hahah it's always the way! Thanks :) I have a whole series of these sketches, shall put up at some point.