Monday, March 7, 2011


Ullo! I was having a mess around during the week, just drawing random shapes on paper with a marker. I turned the paper over, and brought out shapes/creatures from what I saw there. Then just spent yesterday doing a more detailed version of one of them :)

Here's some more of the other versions. Roughs on the left, more worked in on the right (just for your attention: the roughs have been flipped, as I turn the paper over to do the line version).

Nothing else exciting really. Playing through Killzone 3, enjoying the variation in this one (is everything on that planet evil??). Saw Rango and wasn't so struck on it, though the rest of the cinema was in hysterics...perhaps I'm broken??


  1. like your process on this - used to do the same back when i had some letraset markers. Ahh, the good old days!

  2. Thanks! Yeah is a lot of fun just using pen and paper at times :) Just wish there was an undo button!

  3. coool! sweet design!! and I feel the same way about Rango. haha.