Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The summoning sailor

Heya! Just an evening mess around, collaging images, messing around with textures. This guy is a powerful sailor who has floated up and forgotten about his boat! He got a bit carried away praying for wind...

After breaking my back last year, I too gained a super power - I know hours before it rains, as my back really hurts! It's probably just air pressure, moistness in the air or some other dull reason, but look - I could join the X Men!

Crysis 2 is out this month at long last! Been years on that project, will be nice to see it finally come out (officially!).


  1. o the lighting in these last 2 pieces is wonderful!
    great rendering too!

  2. Aww thanks very much Jeffrey :) I'm having alot of fun at the moment playing around with levels, sometimes gotta tone it down a bit.