Friday, April 12, 2013

A speedy a day

Hi hi! I've been doing some speedies this week outside of work and freelance which I thought I'd share! There's my usual rock monster stuff, combined with  a fight taking place on front of it - it's something to watch!

 I drew a quick cute thing, named Pumpkin.

Followed by Pumpkin's house the next day. I like to think he lives in a forest, and runs a small bar. It's one of those secret places, might even have a membership! It's super small inside, but the drinks are amaaazing!

Outside of these, I finished Bioshock Infinite! I don't want to say much without delving into spoiler territory, but the ending gave me a headache ;) Then part of it clicked in the middle of a yoga class, and had to contain myself from shouting out loud, 'Ohhhh I get it!'
Bai for now!

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