Thursday, July 22, 2010

K NAUT sprites

Ullo all!
Sorry for the lack of updates, I went and broke my back ;D And bruised some ribs. It involved jumping off a cliff into water, and let's leave it at that, heheh.
Ok, so am back in a K NAUT mood again! Jesper drew me a pic of K NAUT to cheer me up, ad it got me inspired to do him as a sprite. It's been suggested he'd make a cool character for an iphone/XBOX Live game, so here's a mock up! I'd like to have a load of alternate sits, so the first version here is the initial suit, followed by an upgrade (there would be quite a few!).

I plan on having a whole sheet of his diff suits, weapons, enemies, etc. But this is the start, my first ever sprites :) Oh and an extra pic of K NAUT after a target:

For anyone who doesn't know K NAUT, here was a very basic animatic of him:



  1. Hey Truds awesome update. nice work with the environment piece. lobve the mood and the right wall looks awesome. good work and get well