Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Cthulhu!

More on my Cthulhu entry at CGHub! I went with the idea of a guy fishing, ooh he catches something and uh oh, it's Cthulhu ;D I need some opinions on the colour versions, whether I should keep the outline there or not...

So which version?
And here's the original idea I was gonna go with, - plain ol Cthulhu popping outta the ground, destroying a city, blah. Wanted it to be a little different.

Bai for now!


  1. omg the orange looks so nice.
    definitely a mixture of both color versions, or just remove the particles in the air of the 2nd version, that'd do it!

  2. Thanks :D Yeah I went a little splash crazy hahah!

  3. o yea the colour scheme is very nice!
    cool to see yours on cghub too!
    I shall follow you too
    nice to meet ya Trudi!

  4. Thanks! Nice to meetcha too :)

  5. Hey hey Trudi! Fancy meeting you! :)

    Awesome piece, definitely love the line+render - Graphic, epic, raw and contrasty equally over the image, whereas the non-lineart version's contrast is divited to top head and left bottom.

    What'ya think Trudi? :)

  6. Oh why hello there ;D Yeah I totally agree. Am just more comfortable with lines it seems.

    Hey we'll be on holiday when you both arrive, but look forward to seeing you around the 12th!