Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ullo all!
Bit of a K NAUT fix going on at the moment, so some more sprites here:

And just a random drawing of K NAUT commanding soldiers in a battle (looks like it might be going wrong!). Maybe one day I'll colour it.

Other than that, am still healing. Who knew a broken back took so long to get over? ;) Catching up on lotsa games (Arkham Asylum, Puzzle Quest 2, Apollo Justice) as well as tv shows like Rome, Human Target, and anything else that looks interesting ;D
And orf to sunny Devon in England the end of this week to eat eat EAT!!! And sail ;) (maybe).


  1. koalas are my fav. animals :D gotta love this project

  2. Thanks! Australia had a long-lasting effect on me since visiting :)

  3. WTF this is insane love the action shot! hmm man hand are itching badly. Know what that meens? keep up the good work truds and i hope you back is getting better.