Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas 2010 card plus a tattoo!

Bad me, not been updating enough. Tis the season to be busy! So, here is my 2010 christmas card! A fluff, drinking mulled wine, gluhwein, glogg, etc. *EDIT* I forgot the combined version I did with Asti! This will be amended on Monday when I'm back at work!!

Wanna know how this pic began? Here! It is a mystery:

And here is the original rough version of the card, which I scrapped as I just wasn't feeling it. :/

In other news, I got a tattoo! It's of my fave dinosaur, a Triceratops :) I plan on getting a T Rex next AND THAT'S IT.

Cheers all!


  1. definitely my sort of christmas cards - great work!

  2. Thanks very much to you both :) They've been handed out at work mainly now, was a success!