Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday lunchish sketch

A 20 minute sketch at lunch followed with some extra effort after work. Don't think I'll do anymore to this, was just messing around really :) The story to this is some guy was wandering through a cave when he stumbled upon some huge monster also off on a wander. Both figures are surprised!

Here's how the image started off (threw together some textures from my old demon gate pic):

In other news, I got my T Rex tattoo on the weekend!! Here is is, lovingly shot from the lovingly pretentious Hipstamatic app ;D
I think that's it now....for life...though a Diplodocus idea has been planted...



  1. Interesting work, I like it so much!

  2. Ha ha! Brilliant Tattoo!
    My good mate, Christian Pearce has a similar thing - A T-Rex skull on one shoulder and a Triceratops on the other.

  3. Oh no way!!! That sounds amazing :D I wonder how big they are...?