Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't go chasing waterfalls!

Ullo! Some environments here! I have a bit of a waterfall obsession, just think they're amazing. So in the first pic, we have a big waterfall god shrine, where people come to visit. A parent is taking their child for the first time here:

Next is the waterfall city, which overlooks the church in the distance. You can only visit it by flying, alas! It's a loud, but serene area.

And then a quick speedy taking elements from the above pic! Someone likened this to something out of Dragonball, so I guess we'll just leave it at that ;D

Also, my work on Pirates of New Horizons was finally revealed, which you can see by visiting the website!
I did one more pic on it, a few behavioural sketches:

Am DESPERATE to play Portal 2. I must have been the only person replaying Portal 1 the day of release for its sequel. Hello 2007! Great game though :)



  1. Great work Trudi really love the 1st one, i want to go there!

  2. The fast waterfall pic has something really special!

  3. Love the colors and textures in the rocks. Great mood.

  4. Thanks very much for the feedback :) The first one has more of a story going, seems def more popular :)