Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crysis 2 taster

Hey hey! I've finally been allowed to show a little of the work done I did for Crysis 2! I mainly did storyboards, and some concepts. It was done a few years ago so is looking a little old, but whacha gonna do. Here's a taster:

To view the rest, please check out my website page which has a load more on it:


And in other news, I am moving to Vancouver this Thursday!!! It's a huge step, a really big challenge, but I am lookinging forward to it. I have nothing concrete there yet, but hey, if anyone's looking for a concept/storyboard artist, I'm more than able :D My twin sister stays in Germany at Crytek for now, but hopefully one day...!
Bye for now, see you in Vancouver! Tschussy Deutschland!

P.S. Gotta try and find time to play Portal 2, it's killing meeee!


  1. youre GOING?!?! why am i always the last to know! All the best over there whatever you get up to :)

  2. Sorry Aidan :( Thanks, best of luck to Crytek UK too, shall be keeping my eye on you guys *in a stalkerish way).