Friday, April 1, 2011

Pirates of New Horizons stuff

Heya! Hope you've been playing Crysis 2 :D I just finished it (at home) last night, am proud at the final game and at the team! I and my sister have been working at Crytek for 4 years to the day, is amazing how time has flown, and how many wonderful people I've met.

More game stuff :) I've been working with an ex-Crytek collegue, now working on his new game, Pirates of New Horizons. It's really cool, check it out (still in production). This here is Hencworth, who will be the sidekick to the main character, giving handy hints and just keeping you company :)

He's still a bit of a WIP, there may be more changes yet, but I'm allowed to show these so far :) I did a rough character sheet to gauge an idea of what the team wanted first:

They made selections, and I did what you see on the left first. This picture made the team realise what they really wanted/needed, so the version on the right was next. His beard and eyes were changed to what you see above.

And a little more images for Takaro games, working out simple movement :)

All for now! Hope everyone's enjoying spring (which is officially here!). It's time to bare those pale legs and blind the world ;D

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