Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ullo! 2nd pic drawn in Vancouver :) 2 young boys pluck up the courage to confront the beast, which isn't as aggressive as the stories they were told...

Vancouver comic con today! HAVE to go see Nate Simpson who did the amaaazing Nonplayer!! Go check it out :)
Bai for now!


  1. lovely and colourful!

    or *colorful* as you'll have to spell it OVER THERE

    glad to see youre off to a productive start :)

  2. Thanks very much! I had a lot of fun playing round with the colours in this, didn't want it to seem too creepy or horrible.

    And Aidan, I will ALWAYS spell it *colour* hahah :D

  3. yes loverly colours indeed!
    your environment work is just wonderful
    neat to see the Crysis works too!

  4. Thanks very much Jeffrey. LOVE your environments too!!