Thursday, May 26, 2011

Under the bridge

Bit of a speedy this one. Had a walk around Stanley Park, and it got me inspired! Imagine you're walking along, and suddenly you see these ominous figures blocking the way. Do you go back, or push on? Reminds me of those old adventure books: 'Turn to page 52 if you approach the guard'!

Other than that, played some LA Noire - I get worked up into a sweat if my interrogation is going wrong, so much so that I'll restart the entire mission :P I'm sure it's not meant to be played this way.


  1. you're improving so fast trudi! - keep it up, its inspiring :D

    reminds me that i need to do more enviros :P

  2. These speed paints are fantastic! Not just this one but the others all over these pages as well. Must be working with inspiring people if that's the case. =P

    You've improved by leaps and bounds from what I remember.

  3. Cheers! Yeah I was working with some of the best of the best!
    Thanks. I look back at stuff only a year ago and am all bleargh (am like that with work a month old!).