Friday, May 13, 2011

First pic in Vancouver!

Hiya! Here's my first pic drawn in Vancouver :) Was inspired by the fantastic landscape here, especially heading towards Whistler:

The job I nearly had fell through at the last minute, so am currently seeking employment! If anyone knows of any concept/storyboard jobs going, please let me know :)
Well, at least my Cintiq arrived! Bike next. And I've started on Portal 2 - few things make me actually laugh out loud, but this game has :) And first film in the city was Thor - as good as Iron Man I'm saying, very enjoyable.
I'll sign out with GO CANUCKS! (Loving ice hockey!)


  1. rock climbing dinos rock my world! :P

    On a more serious note, have did you ever check out Wayne Barlowes dino art?

  2. :D No I'd never seen! His stuff is excellent!! Haha seem pretty disturbing art too (love it!).