Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Interior practice

Ullo! Felt the need to practice some interiors, especially as some freelance work now wants it (good timing!). No particular setting, just not my usual mountains ;) They were all pretty quick images, am trying to get faster!
In the first pic, I imagine the guy doesn't get out much, but is devoted to keeping alive his 2 plants.

Workers keeping watch of the Fanta machines (nah kidding!).

This pic originally had a floor, but it felt more interesting to take it all away. I think this guy's lost.


Child of Eden is finished, ready to start Space Marine. And if I can't get ahold of that, it'll be Gears of War 3 next week. 4 player co op!!


  1. very nice updates recently - good to see the quantity and quality youre churning out! There must be something in the air over there...any chance of exporting it back here *cough* *heave*

  2. Cheers Aidan :D Well it's easy to churn out work when ya have the time! I shall over some air in a special invisible package ;D