Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Very Angry Birds

Ullo! Not sure why I drew this, but these are the Very Angry Birds!

Also playing around with vectoring here one evening:

My twin sister, Astrid and I were featured on Kotaku's main page today, which was nice :) All oooooooold Crysis 2 work, makes me cringe to look at it, but whacha gonna do!


Also, I finished Castlevania - Lord of Shadows, at last! Bizarre ending, not sure what to make of it - is there gonna be a sequel?
Bai for now!


  1. Congrats for being featured on the Kotaku page. I follow your blog irregularly and I am amazed of the stuff your are doing. all your pictures tell some stories - just need to string them together for a children book ;)
    especially the one with the tree..

  2. That was really a very angry bird! I really love that. Can I download and make it as my computer wallpaper? Anyway, congrats for being features on kotaku. I think you really deserved that one since you're very talented on this matter. :D

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  3. Thanks very much Lynn! Sure you can use it as a wallpaper.