Wednesday, September 7, 2011

K Naut's daily wardrobe

Ullo! Working on some more vector style art - K Naut and the layers he puts on to start the day!

I find Flash an absolute nightmare to use, even for drawing. Yes yes, I know you can blow up an image to ridiculous size and not lose quality, but when do you need to do that for iPhone games?? Can anyone enlighten me? Photoshop is far easier to use, and in general a much simpler program. *End rant*
I should properly start Child of Eden, but when the weather's so nice outside, it's hard :)
Bai for now!


  1. Flash is abit of a mystery to me
    Gosh you've been busy!
    Its interesting to see this different style from your usual work.
    haha gotta love that angry birds pic too XD

  2. It's still a mystery to me hahah!
    Cheers, yeah felt in need of a change, plus am doing work for some social gaming places, and they prefer much friendlier art :)