Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crysis 2 taster

Hey hey! I've finally been allowed to show a little of the work done I did for Crysis 2! I mainly did storyboards, and some concepts. It was done a few years ago so is looking a little old, but whacha gonna do. Here's a taster:

To view the rest, please check out my website page which has a load more on it:


And in other news, I am moving to Vancouver this Thursday!!! It's a huge step, a really big challenge, but I am lookinging forward to it. I have nothing concrete there yet, but hey, if anyone's looking for a concept/storyboard artist, I'm more than able :D My twin sister stays in Germany at Crytek for now, but hopefully one day...!
Bye for now, see you in Vancouver! Tschussy Deutschland!

P.S. Gotta try and find time to play Portal 2, it's killing meeee!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't go chasing waterfalls!

Ullo! Some environments here! I have a bit of a waterfall obsession, just think they're amazing. So in the first pic, we have a big waterfall god shrine, where people come to visit. A parent is taking their child for the first time here:

Next is the waterfall city, which overlooks the church in the distance. You can only visit it by flying, alas! It's a loud, but serene area.

And then a quick speedy taking elements from the above pic! Someone likened this to something out of Dragonball, so I guess we'll just leave it at that ;D

Also, my work on Pirates of New Horizons was finally revealed, which you can see by visiting the website!
I did one more pic on it, a few behavioural sketches:

Am DESPERATE to play Portal 2. I must have been the only person replaying Portal 1 the day of release for its sequel. Hello 2007! Great game though :)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tank and tiger

Ullo! Another tank pic, this time with Fluffbot at the helm! It's his personal tank/buggy that gets him to school, and over to visit friends (he lives in a bit of a dangerous neighbourhood):

And a speedy drawn one night after a drink and dinner...

Am playing through Ace Attourney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (bit of a mouthful!). I've actually been playing through this since christmas - these games always take awhile. Am a little disappointed actually, is a little too easy for these games, and I miss Phoenix Wright :( Other than that, looking forward to Portal 2! Will be needing a co op partner :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ullo! Thought I'd get more practice in drawing tanks, so here's my first effort (may do a colour version of it, if I have time):

Here's the thumbnails:

And on the weekend, did some 30 - 45 minute pics:

Other than that, more games! Replaying through Portal, and playing Sword and Sworcery on the iPad which is brilliant :D Love the mood and tone for it! And I can't stop watching Superman films...help!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ullo! Hope everyone's still enjoying Crysis 2, perhaps moved onto multiplayer? :D

Last Saturday I decided to venture forth inside a Games Workshop again and pick up a load of paints, which led to models, spray, books, etc... I painted armies a lot as an early teenager, and got the urge again :D So am painting some Ork Boyz (will post a photo when done!), and this pic beneath is based off of one of them. Orks were always my fave, like how they piece together all their technology :D

Here's a close up:

Was a lot of fun :D Spring (and summer!) are nearly here, just hoping the humidity stays away...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pirates of New Horizons stuff

Heya! Hope you've been playing Crysis 2 :D I just finished it (at home) last night, am proud at the final game and at the team! I and my sister have been working at Crytek for 4 years to the day, is amazing how time has flown, and how many wonderful people I've met.

More game stuff :) I've been working with an ex-Crytek collegue, now working on his new game, Pirates of New Horizons. It's really cool, check it out (still in production). This here is Hencworth, who will be the sidekick to the main character, giving handy hints and just keeping you company :)

He's still a bit of a WIP, there may be more changes yet, but I'm allowed to show these so far :) I did a rough character sheet to gauge an idea of what the team wanted first:

They made selections, and I did what you see on the left first. This picture made the team realise what they really wanted/needed, so the version on the right was next. His beard and eyes were changed to what you see above.

And a little more images for Takaro games, working out simple movement :)

All for now! Hope everyone's enjoying spring (which is officially here!). It's time to bare those pale legs and blind the world ;D