Saturday, August 11, 2012

Asti visit pic!

Ullo! My twin sister is visiting me in Vancouver, woo hooooooo! So I drew a pic for her visit :)

Those are coffee shops we visit when she's here :) Sadly, Main Street does not look quite like that (but my sister does looove the mountains and trees here!).

My first game I worked on at DeNA has been released, Fatal Frontier! I did colour adjustments to many of the characters (including the purple lady in the top left of the page :D):

 Fatal Frontier on Google Play

I finished ep2 of The Walking Dead - no one was happy with me, and I made a decision that kind of upset me the rest of the night :s Onto Dear Esther!


  1. No Revolver? At least for the beard spotting!

  2. I only chose ones along Main :) Otherwise Revolver for sure! And Coffeebar ;D