Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lunch time dragon!

Hullo! Managed to squeeze in a dragon doodle at lunch yesterday, with some after work love today ;) Maybe I'll colour at some point.

My box set for The Hobbit arrived, which had some of my work in :) Still more to come. Can't believe I did these over a year ago!

I finished Halo 4 last night - what amazing graphics that game had, shows there's still life in this gen yet! The sound effects were fantastic, loved all the weapons, ahhh so good. Next up is Dishonored!


  1. Wahey! Nice getting a big box of stuff isnt it - just got one myself. And dishonoured is *proper* good!

  2. Did you get some Warhammer stuff in? :) Loooooved Dishonored!