Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trying out new techniques!

Ullo! Quite a mix this update :) First off I have a group of 15 minute sketches:

Then, I was trying out a new technique in the next 2 pieces, was a lotta fun (and quick) :) Mage!

Again, just trying different styles. This is Bobble, with the ridiculously long tail!


I finished Dishonored- what a good game! I played as a good guy, who mainly just put people to sleep, no killing, other than a few accidental decapitations ;) Next up is Far Cry 3!
Bai for now :)


  1. I especially like the crazy eyes man! Quite an inspiring style I think.

  2. Love the Bobble! Great work! :-)

  3. Nice Mix! nice compositions on the environments and i really really like the one with the guy and with his magic hands perfect shot!

  4. Cheers for the feedback everyone :)